Musique,  Udio

Celestial Voyagers

Celestial Voyagers

Of starry paths and realms beyond our sight,
In heavens vast where mortal dreams do soar,
I sing of journey ‘neath the moon’s pale light,
Where spirits traverse skies forevermore.

Oft have I gazed upon the twinkling night,
Each star a gem, a beacon in the dark,
With wings of thought, I take my wistful flight,
To realms unknown where seraphs leave their mark.

The silv’ry moon, a guardian serene,
Doth guide my soul through orbs of radiant hue,
In whispered winds, her secrets soft, unseen,
Reveal the worlds that lie beyond our view.

Eternal night, thy beauty doth inspire,
A voyage grand where time itself doth cease,
In cosmic dance, ‘neath constellations’ fire,
I find my heart in tranquil, boundless peace.